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> Good point. Just how does he keep getting re-elected? Are the citizens that
> clueless about how he mismanages the city, or is it that he is the only one
> that runs in the elections? You see signs "Re-Elect Mayor Manx" all over the

he has good help (Callie). plus he's got decent political savvy, good
presence, and doesn't need handlers to direct his public appearances
(unlike some members of the US congress).

compare, from an article "The Ten Most Dimwitted Members of Congress"
by Ken Silverstein.

        No. 3 - Senator Larry Pressler - South Dakota (1978)

        Most recently noted for his attacks on public broadcasting,
        Pressler, the only Senator to make the list, is considered to
        be a hopeless nitwit by virtually all of his colleagues. Ted
        Kennedy once asked a former Senatorial colleague of Pressler,
        "Has he had a lobotomy?" South Dakota's other senator, Thomas
        Daschle, said of Pressler, "A Senate seat is a terrible thing
        to waste."

        Pressler has had repeated difficulties with closets. On one
        occasion he fell asleep in one and arrived late to an
        important hearing. In another incident he rose from a meeting
        with colleagues in the Commerce Committee and mistook a closet
        door for the exit. He realized his mistake but apparently
        thought the best strategy would be to wait to emerge until
        everyone else left the room, a tactic that failed when his
        companions decided to wait him out.

        Pressler has sponsored virtually no important legislation
        during his two decades in Washington, a fact he seeks to
        obscure by issuing frequent press releases touting his meager
        achievements. One example: "New York Times Carries Pressler
        Drought Letter."

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