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From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:30:16 -0800

At 11:23 AM 2/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 05:58 AM 2/22/96 -0500, Razor wrote:
>>Or Mayor Manx is diverting a lot of the city's money to his own projects
>>(improvement of Megakat Springs Golf Course or reconstruction of Megakat
>>Towers, etc.) that the city can't afford anything *but* shoddy construction
>>and workmanship.
>Good point. Just how does he keep getting re-elected? Are the citizens that
>clueless about how he mismanages the city, or is it that he is the only one
>that runs in the elections? You see signs "Re-Elect Mayor Manx" all over the
>place, but I don't recall seeing one "Elect someone else".

They prolly all wanna keep watchin' their POPULAR Major on some kinda famous
golfing show on TV ersumjunk. :) heheh... kinda like Nixon doin' all those
LAFF-IN cameos in RL. :)

Wonder if Mayor Manx isn't mebbe bein' KEPT there by someone who keeps
trying to promote him to keep things goin' the way they are?

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