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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 13:36:50 EST

>>Or Mayor Manx is diverting a lot of the city's money to his own projects
>>(improvement of Megakat Springs Golf Course or reconstruction of Megakat
>>Towers, etc.) that the city can't afford anything *but* shoddy construction
>>and workmanship.
>Good point. Just how does he keep getting re-elected? Are the citizens that
>clueless about how he mismanages the city, or is it that he is the only one
>that runs in the elections? You see signs "Re-Elect Mayor Manx" all over the
>place, but I don't recall seeing one "Elect someone else".

Those of us from northeast NJ are familiar with the Democratic
machine controlled towns in Hudson and southeast Bergen counties,
where putting up a sign for a Republican candidate will get you a
visit from a high-ranking police official, who will ask you to
consider removing the "eyesore".

And Manx may just as well be able to pull off enough good things to
keep getting re-elected. Few of the crises we see on SK can be
directly attributed to him, and I suspect they don't happen nearly
as often as we see on the show - I seem to recall that when the old
show "S.W.A.T." was on TV a real LA-area SWATtie commented that the
guys on the show see more action in a week than his guys do in
several months (though that may have changed recently :).


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