Kats at Toy Fair

From: Ed Rudnicki <erudnick_at_pica.army.mil>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 96 10:37:55 EST

Well, I successfully finagled my way into Toy Fair 96, which is a trade-only
show covering the international toy market. Chance and a few others know
why I was there, but I did manage to stop by Gordy Toys, which had a range
of SK stuff. No action figures, but then all of the action figure companies
were in "appointment only" mode because of the action figure collectors.
Anyway, Gordy Toy has retained the SK license, and still offers their full
SK product line:

Flash Gun
Flying Props
Action Set
Bubble Blaster
Karate Punch Game
Glider Launcher

Most of these items were of the "generic" variety, having little or nothing
to do with SK. By changing the colors of the plastic, the decals and the
card, most of these items are adaptable to virtually any licensed property.
Indeed the SK sunglasses were one of a dozen or so for different licenses.
The rep was very proud of this :) I had him fooled good, and he invited
me to have lunch in the showroom (good sandwiches!), where we chatted about
SK and the stupidity of TedCo, among other things.

They also had four different molded case watches:

Both Kats

Apologies if this is old news.

A partially-related aside: Sailor Moon has had poor ratings. It has been
showing at the 0530 slot in most markets. In the NYC market it's on at 0630
and is one of the highest-rated shows. I'm not a programmer with a six-
figure salary, but I could have figured that out too. And TedCo accuses SK
of poor ratings???

TedCo is _very_ aggressively pushing Jonny Quest as a licensed property.


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