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Okay, now that I have your attention (in particular, regular posters SHOULD
be reading this carefully)...

Andy suggested that I post the following to the list. These are a few
guidelines that I think should be followed; the latest revision can be
accessed at "". If you have any
questions on this post, be *sure* you reply to me in email. Do NOT post to
the list (watch your headers before you send the reply out so your messages
don't get posted).

Here we go...

Guidelines for posting to the SWAT Kats mailing list

The following are general guidelines for all posts to the SWAT Kats
mailing list. Please note that these are ONLY guidelines and NOT rules
(with the possible exception of #1), but please adhere to them as much
as possible to get the most out of your list subscription.

1. Flaming and general rabblerousing is not allowed. Offenders will be
    warned and repeat offenders will be dropped from the list.

2. The list is intended for discussion about the SWAT Kats and related
    material. Keep your posts on-topic as much as possible.

3. If you reply to a post without quoting, you should definitely
    summarize the post you're replying to. Failure to do so can easily
    generate confusion.

4. All posts to the list contain a "Reply-To:" header redirected to
    the list, regardless of whoever posted. If you want to reply
    personally to any listmail, you might want to double-check that
    your mail isn't being routed to the list, lest you embarrass
    yourself and/or invoke the wrath of other list members.

5. Administrative questions ("I haven't been receiving listmail"; "how do
    I upload a file to the FTP site?"; etc.) should be directed to the
    list's administration (, NOT to the list

6. Quoted text and .signature files should be kept to a minimum. A rule
    of thumb that might help is to quote no more lines of text than what
    you write as original text. Signature files should not be more
    than 4 lines long.

7. The FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, file is updated periodically
    and posted to the list as well as uploaded to If you have a
    specific question about the FAQ, please email me at '' -
    don't post.

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