Kat web page update

From: Razor <razor_at_rat.org>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 05:12:35 -0800

Just a brief tidbit for the list:

I've updated the web pages for T-Bone, Razor and the SWAT Kats on rat.org.
The pages now contain thumbnails of T-Bone for his web page, Razor for his
and the SK logo for the SK page. You can click on the images themselves to
load up a full-size image; this, of course, assumes you're using a
graphics-supporting browser like Netscape. (If you have a text-only
browser like Lynx, you'll have to download the images to view them).

The web page site is in the FAQ, but for your convenience here it is:
"http://rat.org/razor." Please let me know what you think of the web page!

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Also: razor_at_netcom.com Razor on FurryMUCK/FurToonia

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