Re: Nitpicking the bare paws

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 96 10:55:07 EST

Doc Konway:
>T-bone and Razor do not wear any footwear. Why?
>Simple. Agility. Dexterity. The same reason that tightrope walkers are
>barefoot. The boys can use their toe-claws to help them climb; they can grip
>the ground to run better. As they appear to be highly-trained in the Martial
>arts, bare feet would go along with that as well.

Unfortunately martial artists and tightrope walkers don't operate in
combat conditions, where there is substantial risk of stepping on
nasty things. Granted cat, and presumably Kat, feet are better for
this, but IMHO some sort of footwear would be needed, perhaps with
metal claws to give them some of the abilities they have with bare
feet. There was a discussion along these lines in a
couple of months ago.

>Now riddle me this: why do they have pink triangles on their helmets? ;)

And does it mean the same thing it does here? :)


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