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Well, I'm back again! And once again, here is a rather large post
from me. (Under 5K, this time I'm sure!)

Edo> Have you guys ever think about the Kats as a parent?
How about the other end of the spectrum? Has anyone thought about
what the guys would be like as kids? Would they know each other?
Maybe they were childhood friends and one convinved the other to
join the enforcers. I'd like to think that they were friends as
kids as the bond they share is far too strong to be forged just
during their academy days.

Edo> what could cause the appearance of a big moon?
It's an optical illusion. If you look at the moon of our world,
the closer it is to the horizon, the bigger it seems to be. The
farther away the moons is from the horizon, the smaller it seems
to be. However, if you take a ruler and measure the moon, you'll
find the moon does not actually "change size." I'm not sure,
however, why the moon seems bigger the close it is to the horizon.

Matt> Could it be possible that Dark Kat is actually Cmdr. Feral's
Matt> brother and Felina's father?
Nah. First of all, when Felina's risking her neck in "A Bright
and Shiny Future", Feral says he would throw her of the force for
her own protection but "my brother would never speak to me again".
Clearly, Ulysses (sp?) cares for his brother very much, yet seems
to hate Dark Kat with an almost unnatural passion. Besides, that
would really be too soap-opera-ish for the series. Bleh.

B-ko> Turner's Cruddy Network (TCN [Cartoon Network])
Ouch! Feeling a little bitter, B-ko? Br) Right now, TCN is
the only place where people can see SWAT Kats (just got it myself)
and they seem to want to support it as best they can. Granted,
they are a part of the evil which is Turner Broadcasting, but
it's not that bad once you get to know it.

Ed> Have Kat meals ever been shown? If so, were there any vegetable,
Ed> bread, etc?
Yup. In "The Metalikats", Chance is shown noshing on a sandwich
while watching "Scardy Kat". The sandwich is composed of bread,
lettuce, and (apparently) anchovies. Then there's the famous
chili pepper scene...

LtFFeral> How many of you out there are blessed with the joys of
LtFFeral> having an actual Cat?
Well, you can add my name to the list. My cat's name is "Johnathon"
although he has a chinese name "Mao Bi" which means "Brush Pen"
because he used to like to drink ink.... Not a cat that's going
to be piloting the TurboKat anytime soon.

B-ko> Yes, they're appearing in my dreams now, too!!
You too? I recently had a dream about the SWAT Kats, I was Razor
and the Pastmaster was mucking with time again, but doing it on
a more subtle level so that a lot people did not realize they
were being dragged into the past. Saw a hippie Chance in my
dream.... Weird!

Edo> Does anybody here want to make a fanfic story when the
Edo> SwatKats is having s strange dream sequence?
Well, in my story, "The Golden Child", Jake has a dream sequence
but I'm not happy with it as I think it gives too much away at the
begining but it's too hard to re-write. *sigh*

Edo> "thaurmaturgy" and "demonology"?
Thaurmaturgy is "magic", I think this is what our magicians call
their own magic. Demonology is the study of demons, like their
names, what are their sphere of influence, and what is their
position in the heirarchy of Hell. To link this with SWAT Kats,
what kind of demons do you think are in Kat mythology?

chance> Turner's Public Relations 2IC has been reading the katmail
chance> for the last two months
I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It's a good
thing if they see how many people are on the list and really enjoyed
the SWAT Kats (esp. if they were here for the toys thread). It's
a bad thing if they pick up on what kind of wackos we *really* are.

chance> "just under 6K"
Allow me to apologize again for that post. It's how I usually do
things since I only have enough time to post once a week (now) and
I really don't want to repeat things which have already been said.

August Paul Yang may have to change his posting style.
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