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Hi folx! I think think this messages is (just barely) under the 6K
limit, but if anyone has any problems with it, allow me to
apologize in advance.

Edo> how is the Turbocat look like ?
Hurm. I'll have to either get a picture the next time I'm in Hong
Kong or ask my parents to send a copy over. It's kinda hard to

Konway Br)> Do they have an equivalent of Christmas?
Do they even have winter? I've seen nary a flake come from the
skies of MegaKat City.

Terra> What about other animals?
Well, there seems to more than one sentient race on the Kat
Planet as Chop Shop resembles a hyena than any cat I've seen.
There have also been mentions of raccoons. Also, snakes, frogs,
and other reptiles have been seen on-screen, as well as cows and

chance> why put the Metallikats back together so many times?
Huh? He put them back to together *once*. Then he wanted to
reprogram them, but they destroyed the disks with the new
programming. The subsequent times they were re-built was by
Dr. Viper with Dark Kat and the Pastmaster.

chance> they perhaps wanted to have a female character take on
chance> a more direct role in the action, but couldn't picture
chance> Callie crawling through the muck on her elbows holding
chance> a rocket launcher
Well, being deputy mayor probably requires her to have some form
of decorum, but she still manages to get in a few good shots
every now and then. Like when she floors Dark Kat with a bag
of money in the episode where *she* saves the SWAT Kats' fur.

Dr. Jake> Jake almost runs him over with the truck (he's a lousy
Dr. Jake> driver).
Sorry, but I have to leap to the defense of my favorite kat (and
apparently everyone else's. Br) Jake may not pilot the TurboKat
24/7, but he can handle everything all by his lonesome if need be.
Like in Mutation City, when T-Bone mutates into a kat/frog hybrid,
Razor not only flies rings around a Godzilla-sized Dr. Viper, but
manages to mix the two-component anti-mutagen, and saves the city.
(There. I said it. I feel better. Br)

Terra> Aren't calico cats s'posed to have many colored coats?
Yup. And Manx cats aren't supposed to have tails. BTW, has
anyone seen my orange and black paints and my cleaver? Br)

Matt> He (Dr. Greenbox) kinda went off the deep-end near the end
Matt> of that ep. and actually turned into a villian.
Evil thought here folx (I have quite a few of them). Dr.
Greenbox is also the guy who "gave" Rex Shard his powers. What
if Rex, in a later incarnation, teams up with the insane Dr.
Greenbox? If anyone want to use this for a fanfic idea, feel
free. I've got more ideas for fanfic than time to write.

chance> Did any of you USA types find that the "temporary tattoos"
chance> were entirely composed of colours not found in nature?
I'm sorry. I'm blanking here. What temporary tattoos?

chance> We could've looked forward to yet _another_ revision had
chance> a movie been pitched....
chance> ...the Tremblays were contemplating animatronics and
chance> Live-action a la TMNT!
Eew. I'm going to have to throw my lot with those who thinks this
would have been a "Bad Idea"(tm). And there is very little reason
for it. Humans don't appear in the Kat Universe all that
frequently, so the need for live-action is minimized. Also, in
the Animato episode guide, the person writing it said that the
animation was almost feature quality, and Mook has experience
in producing animated features. Of course, making a film to
occupy an audience for ninety minutes is far different from
making a 22 minute episode.

Ed> Of course this begs the question of why he dislikes the
Ed> SWAT Kats _so_ much.
Well, in the first season, he really let the guys have it.
But for the most part, this was before the SWAT Kats started
saving his life on a regular basis. Also, he sees that Felina
cares about them in the second season so he's not so quick
to condemn. And in the second season, he gets to zing the guys
at least once. ("Actually, I was going to thank you, but I
changed my mind." 'Revenge is mine!' sayeth the hologram! Br)

Bruno> there's a "Cartoon Network" magazine
Maybe in Argentina, but not in the U.S. At least, that I know of

Bruno> And guess who is in the cover of that..... Yes, him: Razor.
Dang. I hope you can get your hands on enough copies for
the entire list. Br) (I want one! I want one!)

On the time travel thing, even the Pastmaster can't control the
flow of time easily, and will make mistakes. He mentions this
in "The Bride of the Pastmaster." Well, in "Bright and Shiny
Future", the Pastmaster gets the heads from the Enforcer's
Storage lockers, but the last time they were there was in the
episode "Katastrophe." My theory is that the Pastmaster went
into the past before that episode happened and the timestream
fractured creating two alternate universes. In one, "Katastrophe"
happened (Let's call it Reality K as Jim is not a good name for
a dimension Br). In the other, it may have happened with
different players as the heads of the Metallikats would not have
been there for the Creeplings to steal (this one will be called
Reality B). So, when the SWAT Kats are killed in Reality B, the
Pastmaster goes to Reality K to send those SWAT Kats to Reality B
in hope of killing Reality K's SWAT Kats and then returning to
Reality K to take it over.

Anyone who understood all that, please explain it to me. Br)

Incidently, I'm not very good with omens, but towards the end of
January the Cartoon Network started airing comercials for itself
for the month of February. In the begining, Shaggy (I think),
Big Dog (from Two Stupid Dogs), and RAZOR(!) open up the Cartoon
Network Logo and say "Don't Miss This!" But I'm not in the
portent business, so I can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad

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