Re: Kat Commodes

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 18:19:53 +0700

>When I said the Kats probably didn't have flush water toilets, I didn't mean
>that they might not have sinks or showers. Like I said, it's pretty wasteful
>to treat the H2O to drinkable standards to flush it down the loo.

The water on my flush water toilet is not drinkable.

>For myself, I want my drinking water to be very clean, but I also want the
>water that I wash and shower (and brush my teeth in !) to be clean.

Same here. BTW, I'm still curious, does the kats still lick themself when
ever they needed a bath?

>Does the water that you flush have to be cleaned to the same standards (as
>long as it doesn't stink) ?

No, the tap water here is undrinkable.

>Some friends of mine in a rural area were thinking of setting up a
>grey-water system (I think with rainwater) to flush with, so I've heard all
>about this.

I think that Rainwater is a clean water.

BTW, "Commodes"?

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