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From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 19:23:21 -0800

>>Why don't we put the story behind Swat Kats Cancellation on 60
>>minutes or one of those newsmagzines?
>>It might attract some attenion...
>I was considering sending a message to the folks at "The Anti-Gravity Room".
>Not to bash TPS, but to get others to see what the Kats are all about. It's
>a show produced in Canada and airs on the SCI-FI channel on Saturdays. They
>do reviews of comics, animation, video games, etc.

It's a good idea, and is sure a lot more, er..."positive" than the road my thought
processes have been travelling down lately. Two-three years after the fact, I'd
still put the 'Kats up against anything done before or since without finding it
wanting. Maybe Tedco will look at the TCN "most popular" and try the
same experiment.

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