Re: Fanfic character.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 14:26:56 EST

>>I think that they give Briggs somekind of communicator. A Klaxon is
>>something that you use to warn people to hide or prepare for an attack, it
>>gives a very loud noise to warn people that the situation isn't safe. Of
>>course this my interpretation on what Klaxon means. I think that Ed can
>>explain more on what Klaxon mean.
>Heh. Yep, Ed would tell you a Klaxon would mean exactly two things: unemployment, and
>a really large smoking crater where Picatinny Arsenal used to be. So much for smokin' in the
>boys room.

For others unemployment. For me - an answer to the question "Is
there an afterlife?" :)

We are required to sound a klaxon prior to any large test, as sort
of a last warning to those out in the open that can hear it, that
getting under cover is indeed a matter of life and death: "Aoogah!
Aoogah! Aoooogah!! Ka-BOOM!!!" :)


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