Re: Major mistake?

From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 16:25:39 -0800

>>(Oh yeah, the Turner rep laughed in the face of a comix professional who
>>made the mistake
>> of asking an intelligent question at Comicon: "How about a Kats Comic?")
>A comic could explain a lot thing that the episode couldn't not explain,
>like :""where is that address?!".

Don't look for a kat-comic anytime soon - the comix industry is experiencing a major
downturn, and even Marvel is discontinuing roughly half their titles and laying off something
like 275 people (so far, that is). I'd buy a 'Kat guy comic regularly, as I'm sure most of us
would, but Tedco's announced plans so far only extend to a "JQ" comic to coincide with
the (eventual) debut of the new series.

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