Re: Swatkats Love Couples..

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:21:43 +0700

>I think i have finally put this together....
>Jake And Chance could if there the show's third season had happened
>it would be part of the plotline that they look for love.
>It would go like this..

Well, what happen if a fifth character enter this little love story?

BTW, I don't think that either four of them will date each other, Jake and
Chance is always hang around at the garage (If not fying around as
vigilantes.), Callie is busy at city hall doing all the paperwork (Not to
mention handling every crisis that has happen to the city.), and Felina is
too busy working on all the Enforcer desk job (That her uncle probaly gives
so that she wouldn't go anywhere.).

>Jake/Callista (If the kats go back in time again..)
>Chance/Turmoil (Maybe!!!)

Now this is a possibilities, I think this has a very high possibilities.

>This is kinda limted...but who knows.

Well, the future is the undiscover country , so you're right, who knows.

>Anyone else care to add?

Do you do this to every kat you know?

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