Re: a message from Courtney thru me

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 05:45:29 +0700

>like the subject heading says, this is *Courtney's* message, I'm just
>sending it to you for her.
>Me again! I just *love* sending E-mail,don't you?
>Hey,Chance! If you still have any copies of Animato!,please inform Terra.
>I really like the SWAT Kats issue.
>>She keeps taking *my* copy and reading it over and over and over...
>Noway,Terra! You liar!
>>I am ***NOT*** lying!!!! Ya gotta belive me!!!<

Sound like what happen if a Kat Kommandoes comic get to the hand Jake and
Chance. BTW chance, do Jake read Kat Kommandoes regulary? I think that he
has some interest on it when he is reading it in "A Bright and Shiny

(The rest of the message is deleted.)
>Alright, it's done. I was arguing with her thru these: ><
>We gotta go now.

Nice talking to you Courtney. :) Hope to see you two more on this list.

>Terra Chang, (with Courtney Farris this time)
>Swat Kats fans,

BTW Terra, try to quote a saying from Courtney like this "C>" (Look like
something that you'll find in DOS. :)), and your saying like this "T>", I
think that will avoid the confusion on who is talking.

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