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On Sat, 6 Jan 1996, MISS DJ S CLAWSON wrote:

Disclaimer: Haven't watched the ep, so everything written here is
strictly based on what I've read ...

> A VERY large plot hole that could be argued as right or wrong.
> We exist in every possible timeline (IMHO) and every timeline
> has the possibility of happening to us in each demension.

> In the plot of Bright and Shiny, the SWAT Kats are sent forward,
> skipping several years and going straight into a world run by Mack
> and Molly. Therefore, they never existed in the past they skipped,
> when Mack and Molly attempted to take over and succeeded. The
> plothole is the Turobkat didn't exist in that past, because at that
> time the SWAT Kats were all ready zapped into the future. Therefore,
> they never crashed. When they returned to the past, they WERE
> there to defeat Mac and Molly, therefore there was no takeover.
> Kind of complicated, but makes the point.
> Dr. Jake

Does it?

Several problems I've found with this idea:

1) You mentioned the idea of multiple timelines in your opening, but you
seem to contradict that for the rest of your idea: if we indeed exist in
every timeline, then the implication is that it would be possible to
travel between timelines without adversely affecting the course the the
destination timeline.

2) If the absence of the SWATKats in a particular point in time does indeed
change the future after that point, then it is equally plausible that the
Pastmaster would have never appeared in the future ruled by the Metallikats
since most of his little time jaunts are usually a direct result of a
defeat at the hands of the SWATKats, a defeat which might not have happened
since the SWATKats skipped a period of their future ... This little
theory lends itself to too many abuses which makes time travel a nigh
impossible affair without ripping apart the whole timespace continuum
3) You assume that the temporal absence of the SWATKats is the reason for
the success of the Metallikats which doesn't seem to be the case from the
articles I've read on the ep.

Simon Leet <> :)
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