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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 03:11:26 +0700

>>Don't know about that, I'm still confuse on how they measure time, does
>>they uses 365 as one year? does they uses sky object for measuring a year?
>>does their week is 7 days? etc.
>Well, I'm not sure wich episode this was in, but in one of them, in the
>background, I saw a calendar that read "June". (Or was it July?)

I think that someone here say it was July.

>It didn't have any numbers on the little squares, but id did read one of the
>"J" months.

I was reading one of the list archive (Just downloaded them from,
and I saw that someone mention about that he saw 48 squares in one month,
could it be that they based on the moon? a certain star? a special event?

(I always get the idea of the kat planet having two moon.)

>>But lets do it by episode, time is relative on the cartoon world.
>Cartoon physics. Ain't they great?

Yes, although that they may sometimes messing with your head.

>>Oh well, at least they aren't using Stardate. ;-)

Stardate is the date that StarTrek use for measuring time, it was based on
the Julian dating system.

>(Hey, I'm only twelve....)

I'm 16 (Just turn 16 in December.)

>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,

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