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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 96 16:08:52 EST

>>Just hit a snag while writing my fanfic ... how are Enforcers ranked
>>anyway? Like the police? Like the army? Like the air force?! As far as I
>>know, no organization has "Commander" as the top-dog rank, but if the Lt.
>>is the next highest ranked (like Steele) then it would probably be closer
>>to police ranks ... any opinions folks? Better yet, any real
>>organizations which parallel the Enforcers? (doubtful as it may seem ...)
> I've always had the impression that they were more like the National Guard.

The National Guard is in effect a part-time branch of the Army.

I'd say more like France's Gendarmerie Nationale, or Italy's
Carabinieri - a national level police force equipped to handle
threats far in excess of a typical city PD.

Of course the NYPD, with 33,000 people, lots of air, water, and
other specialized assets, is probably a good model. No gunships yet
(hello Blue Thunder!), but then the threat is not as bad.

OTOH, the BATF just bought 22 OV-10D ground attack aircraft.....


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