Re: Dogfight, or is it Katfight?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 09:12:17 +0700

>>How do the kats call a Dogfight? do they call it a Dogfight or a Katfight?
>Well, us ape-descendants call them "dogfights", so why not kats as

Why do you think that we are ape-descendants? ;-)

>It's called a "dogfight" because it's a messy, free-for-all sort of

But flying aren't a free-for-all thing because it got some rule to follow,
but space dogfight is a messing thing to do.

>Cats (and presumably kats) fight in a much more dignified
>manner, and have the sense to leave when things look bad :)

Aren't that what Dogfighting is all about? to fight in a unique way and
leave when the situation is becoming dangerous.

>Alternate term I see now and then: furball.

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