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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 06:47:49 +0700

>>How about a mad scientist trying to take over the city? Oops! Viper
>>is a mad scientist. What I mean is a scientist that done things machine
>>like (Like sending robots, cyborg kats, robotic craft, etc.)
>Well, Viper's allowed to do that.

Well, but that isn't his style, so maybe I better make one for my story.

>Mad Scientists don't have anything
>else to do. It's a classic character that no show could be without.

Yes, every Sci-Fi story got to have one. :-)

>>>He wasn't really treated with dignity. In my fanfic,
>>>it does it's best to shed some light on him.
>>The Pastmaster losses all his cool when he treated that way.
>Huh? Don't understand. No, I don't mean they bow down to him or

What I mean is, the Pastmaster past supposed to be reveal more in their
encounters with the Pastmaster.

>but he is revealed to have an interesting past so he isn't
>blown off as "that stupid dude trying to take over the city with
>armies of undead" as the SWAT Kats and Feral usually see him as.

Yes, he do have an interesting past, but then again, he is a stupid dude
who are trying to take over the city.

> Dr. Jake

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