Re: Wacky list of toys.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 96 16:42:59 EST

>> A _complete_ video collection on LD & VHS (but especially LD!)
> Nice, but not everyone's got a LD player...

But then this gives you the perfect excuse to get one!!

>> A CD with music from the show
> Yes! Definately!

Ditto! Of course it would be hazardous for me to play while driving,
as I tend to speed up subconsciously when listening to energetic
music like that :)

>> A Turbokat big enough to put the action figures into (the figs. are 6" tall)
> Hell. Why not go the whole hog and ask for a TurboKat? Complete with the neat remote-controller...
>> with lights & sounds.
> No. With live ammo!

The neighbors tend to complain, and apartment dwellers would likely
have to rent space at the local U-Stor-It.


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