Re: Animation

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 17:39:08 +0700

>>Second season sucked mostly for its plots.
> Well, my favorite episodes are "When Strikes Goldfish" (Ask
>chance about that one, Newbies! :))

T-Bone and Razor are impersonating Goldfish. :-)

>"Caverns of Horror" and "Unlikely Alloys".
>I would pick "Razor's Edge", but I simply can't stand irony in a

But as chance said, I also think that is a good episode, I think the story
ain't all bad, except that there's some part that I don't like.

>I also, like "Bright and Shiny Future", because it shows a lot of
>the Pastmaster's character/personality in this episode.

I also like "A Bright and Shiny Future", especialy the _meetings_. :-)

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