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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 06:49:34 +0700

>>Yes, but it seems that their age is depend who is guessing them. ;-)
>Heh! Good point...I'm 30 myself, but a fairly good guesser for the most part.

30 years old, and still watching cartoons. :-) (Maybe her age will remain a
mystery next to her house and glasses)

>>Hmmm...Ok, everything can happen on SwatKats as long it looks cool, am I
>>right ? :-)

(Stuff about cool but unbelieveable things are deleted to reduced this message)

My science part refusing to believes that the TurboKat can actualy do a
VTOL flight, but the cartoon part believes it. :-)

>>Yes, it isn't going to be fair for Felina if Callie stole all the audience
>>attention. (BTW I read somewhere that Felina was originaly supposed to be
>>SwatKats contacts, but after some disscusion the job was given to Callie,
>>am I right ?)
>In the first part of the "Animato!" article, there is written something
>similar to what's
>said here. Callie/Felina was first envisioned as a "Policewoman"...but
>then again, T-Bone
>was nearly called "Doomsday"!

Yes, I read it on Animato, and do you mean that Felina and Callie originaly
was designed as one Kat ? Maybe the concept of an Enforcer becoming a
contacts of a bunch of vigilantes isn't going to fit in.

BTW aren't "Doomsday" is the callsign of one of your fellow wingman on Wing
Commander ?

>>Do you mean that Doc Konway was modeled after a real person ? and he's on
>>this list ? Sorry Conway but I'm new on this list, so that mean I don't
>>know about you and this transformation.
>I was kinda hoping he'd jump in himself, but allow me to be Mr.
>Exposition. The guy who
>"Doc Konway" is modelled after is Dr. Samuel Conway, and yes, he's a
>member of the list
>(though apparently rather wrapped up in a Mime class or something lately).
>I think my
>favourite quote of his is something along the lines of "bring on the Giant
>Monsters! More
>Monsters!". Must be a Godzilla fan too.

It seems that his passion for Godzilla was realized on "Mutation City" when
doctor Viper turns into a giant.

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