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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 17:41:13 EST

>>>>And _I_ have a question: WHAT THE HECK _IS_ A DEPUTY MAYOR??????????
>>>I think its kinda like president & vice-president. The deputy mayor does
>>>part of the work. (Or, in Callie's case, ALL the work. :) )

Actually, the deputy mayor does all the work, while the mayor gets
all the credit.

>>I can't WAIT until Manx is finally bumped off. The SK have one less person
>>to rescue, and Cally (Or Callie) (?) finally gets some credit. Fanfic idea
>>coming on....

Callie will have the job, but only until the next election. She's a
hard worker, and does a great job of keeping things running, but
she's clearly no politician, and wouldn't stand a chance of getting
elected. Sad but true.

>Some of the folks on the list earlier said that they were getting a bit tired of
>Manx playing the buffoon - but I think he's a likable character just the same.
>My fave line from Manx comes at the end of "Destructive Nature". After the
>Siamese Kats get slimed (and their lease of Megakat"delayed"),
>Manx chases after them as they're walking away from him and says:
>"Wait...we have some wonderful parting gifts....just don't "part"!!!"
>Heh. Guess you had to be there. He's a bit inept, a bit dishonest, and would be
>the model for every civic politician if it weren't for the fact that he's also likable!

Manx is at once a politician and a parody of a politician. That's
why the character works so well. Yet another stroke of genius.


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