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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 22:25:32 -0800

>>>And _I_ have a question: WHAT THE HECK _IS_ A DEPUTY MAYOR??????????
>>I think its kinda like president & vice-president. The deputy mayor does
>>part of the work. (Or, in Callie's case, ALL the work. :) )
>I can't WAIT until Manx is finally bumped off. The SK have one less person
>to rescue, and Cally (Or Callie) (?) finally gets some credit. Fanfic idea
>coming on....

Some of the folks on the list earlier said that they were getting a bit tired of
Manx playing the buffoon - but I think he's a likable character just the same.
My fave line from Manx comes at the end of "Destructive Nature". After the
Siamese Kats get slimed (and their lease of Megakat"delayed"),
Manx chases after them as they're walking away from him and says:

"Wait...we have some wonderful parting gifts....just don't "part"!!!"

Heh. Guess you had to be there. He's a bit inept, a bit dishonest, and would be
the model for every civic politician if it weren't for the fact that he's also likable!

(I wonder if Ted Turner has a cutout of himself in the window when _he's_
 supposed to be burning the midnight oil).

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