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>Well, they have fallen off at least once ("Bride of the Pastmaster"
>I think). And there has to be something to keep them on, since as
>you well know her ears are farther up on her head (a much nicer
>arrangement I might add :) and the temple pieces pass below rather
>than over her ears. Perhaps it's springiness in them.
>OTOH she _does_ have such wonderfully thick hair :)

They fell off in "The Deadly Pyramid", and her appearance sans glasses caused
The Pastmaster to have an acid-flashback to "Queen Callista" from "Bride of the
Pastmaster". Callie's glasses stay in place't...move.......
*ever*. She brushed her fingers through it once at the end of "Bride", I think -
but I doubt it's normally possible without special tools.

>>>Does she has home ? I only saw her at city hall.
>>She lives at City Hall. Being Deputy Major is her life. That, and getting
>>rescued by T-Bone and Razor. ;)
>Well, there are indications she lives elsewhere, as she's not always
>menaced when at City Hall. Often she's menaced while driving :)

Outside "business hours", she hasn't been seen anywhere other than City Hall (to
my recollection). She *must* sleep somewhere - the car is too cramped, and
the Garage is off-limits because it's a family show.

>>>BTW is there more character in the good guys side beside Ann Gora,
>>>Commander Ferral, Cybotron, Fellina Ferral, Razor, T-Bone, The Archaelogy
>>>Doctor, The Deputy Mayor, The Deputy Mayor past counterpart, The Proffesor,
>>>Lt.Steel, and Mayor Manx ?
>>Um. Nope. That's pretty much all of them. Except for Doctor Konway, and
>>who could forget him? :-)
>Well, doesn't Ann Gora have a more-or-less regular kameraman, or is
>that kamera-kat?

Yep. Her regular Kamera-Kat is named "Rob", I think. I'd technically add Dr. N. Zyme
to the good guy cast, despite his apparent demise at the hands of Dr. Viper in "The Deadly
Bacteria" (Glenn Leopold calls him "survivally challenged" as opposed to real-dead dead).
"The Archeology Doctor" is named Dr. Abby Sinian, and her silliest line comes from
"The Deadly Pyramid" in the form of: "We'll ruin months of work on this Katchu Picchu
excavation!" (Thank you Mr. Exposition..) Lt. Steel inhabits a rather grey area as
regards good kat/bad kat status. He _could_ be a cool character if he wasn't such a
ambitious sod - and, is it just me, or does Steel look more Fox than Kat? I gather
the "Professor" mentioned in the honor roll above refers to Hackle? Hackle, though
undoubtedly a "good kat" deep down, was also responsible for creating Mac and Molly
Metallikat (nee "Mange"), and the Giant Military Robots (call 'em "zords" and I'll lock
you in a room with Burke and Murray) which trashed MegaKat city in "Metal Urgency".
You also get a glimpse of Hackle's vast collection of nifty weapons during a shot in
"The Metallikats" (though mine is similar, and I'm *definitely* a good 'Kat).

Oh yeah, silly point of anality, but it's "Feral" with a single "r", and the word actually
means "wild and unkempt" outside of it's connection with the Kat names (though it
seems to suite Felina to a T...)
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