Re: CNN buys disney? Yeah, right!

From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 19:58:16 -0800

>At school, on of our teachers brought up something about some company
>buying some other company, and she said that CNN bought disney and that
>Ted owns it now, but the kids corrected her that it was disney that
>bought ABC. (Whew! I thought I was going to have to boycott disney now!)

Wow. Your teachers need a good teacher. Time-Warner "bought" Turner, and
Disney bought Cap Cities (and therefore ABC and DIC).

> I've seen how well of marketing disney has done with it's
>gargoyles. I hope disney would buy H-B and do the same with SK. I'm not
>sure about Warner Bros. doing SK. Warner Bros. is best at doing
>"Eye-Popping, mouth dropping" cartoons. I don't think I want to see T-B
>or R's eye's pop out when they're surprised!

Actually, now that you bring this up - it's what I find amazing about Hanna-Barbera.
Look at some of the excellent work on Razor, T-Bone, Callie etc - then try compare
it to "Yukky Duck" (or whatever it was called). Eeesh. Tex Avery type stuff works
well in some areas (very few, IMO - my favorite directors are Jones, Freleng and
McKimson), but nowhere _near_ the Kat guys. There's only one scene in Kats where
it looks like the studio didn't quite have a handle on what they were supposed to do, and
Razor does this bizarre little "squash and stretch" maneuver which is utterly out of place.
(It's in "Katastrophe" during the scene after the Kat guys escape the "bubble" thing
 and Razor ducks to avoid something or other).

Kats art in general is phenomenal - especially the Mook stuff from the second season -
and if you rent the tapes available - check out how beautiful the Backgrounds are in
a couple of the eps. Damn outstanding, and hard to believe they came from the same
studio that's done "Captain Planet" and some of the lousier World Premiere Toons.

(Besides, I just can't see "TEEBONE, YOU EEEEEDIOOOTTT!" with the appropriate
  artwork somehow...)

 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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