Re: ToonNet to subcribe to mailing list for Kats

From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 19:27:05 -0800

>About the picture:
>Heck, I WOULD write, but I lost the _at_#$%^& address. Send it again, and I'll
>write. Scouts honor! (I'm still officially a Girl Scout so I can say that) :)

Again (and it's going in my sig for here and newsgroups), send a postcard or
envelope with your name and return address clearly marked on the back to:

15460 Sherman Way #1-310
Van Nuys, CA
USA 91406

Don't delay - send today!

(I've _seen_ a lot of the artwork he has kicking around. Wow. Makes you want
 to go buy a palmtop photocopier and create a whole whack more wall-space...)
 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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