Re: SwatKats

From: chance <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 20:04:42 -0800

>>Stay tooned!
>>Demetrios Lambros
>>Cartoon Network Online Representative.
>Seems to me it would be wise to direct an "in care of" directly to this gentleman,
>if, which he seems to be, on the up and up. This is far and away the most "responsive"
>response I have seen from toonnet, including somewhere in the range of 8-10 from me.
>Definitely this was better than the typical one line "We'll forward this and get back
>to you". We may have another insider on our side, he may be at the bottom, but he's
>alot closer than most, we should really keep our claws in him.

Yes, but the danger with using the guy's name is that others may be viewing the
mailbox, and it might end up looking rather negative. I'm not sure if his views on
the Kats would be all that popular with his bosses. By all means, write toonnet
to voice support for the show and future episodes though - he'll likely use the volume
to further his (and our) efforts.
 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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