Katseye News Special Report!

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 07:37:18 -0800

Yep. Just call me "Fanboy!"

I talked to Christian Tremblay last night for a while, and here's a few things to pass on.

Starting, I think, tomorrow - there are four "SwatKats" watches to be found in stores like
K-Mart, Target, Toys R Us etc. These are very much kiddie-type things, each with
either Razor, T-Bone, Turbokat (and one more - my notes aren't legible..), but probably
still a "must" for anyone trying to collect everything.

Okay, H-B stuff. Christian says that relations with Hanna-Barbera/Turnerco have soured
the point that "we don't talk much", and Christian brought up the infamous Mark Hughes
in Classics (you remember, the "fan-mail" guy) before I did - saying that "I wasn't impressed
with that Mark-something-guy, he's a... <insert non-repeatable phrase here>!..."
Wonderful. So much for fan-support at H-B. Renewal? Don't hold your breath, but
apparently even H-B recognizes that the show is an instant "Classic" (whatever the hell
_that_ means), and even Christian wasn't about to discount the possiblity of something
happening with the Kats in the future - I suppose it's up to us letter-writers to ensure
the "future" happens sooner rather than later.

Next biz. The "contest" for original Kats artwork is finally happening. Christian's got
an original piece of Kats artwork, signed and mounted, ready to give away in a random
draw which is open to all Katfans worldwide. I posted the details to some of the appropriate
newsgroups, and I'll copy it over here tonight as soon as it shows up on my newsreader.

Oh yeah, last thing. The bros. are now at Film-Roman (you know, "Mighty Max",
"Garfield" "Felix the Surrealistic Cat"), and have just wrapped up a new action-adventure
series, details unknown, and are making _sure_ that Mattel has the toy deal sewn up
_prior_ to the first air-date; something Turnerco refused to allow with Kats. They also
have a second series in development at F-R, described as "fairly cute and fuzzy". I
honestly have no further details on either, should anyone be tempted to put me under
the bright light and ask!

Well, that was fun. Watch for the "contest" post.

(and I see we're starting to get fanfic - cool! I haven't gotten around to reading any of
 it yet <fifty-six e-mail messages will do that to a 'Kat>, but I should catch up later
 if anyone really cares...)
  "I'm on the Internet...sometimes every day. I use it to plug in and feel the
   pulse of my audience. I think most producers used to wait for the fan mail
   to roll in. You don't need to do that anymore. There's instant communication
   with your audience. -- The "X-Files" Chris Carter

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