Re: The fanzine

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 22:52:49 -0500


>I'm still plugging away at it, slowly but surely. I'm accepting submissions.
>They can be anything you like: Articles about the show, SK fiction, art--
 Could I make a submission? (Or whatever that's called.) I wrote some fanfic
on the 'Kats. One's almost a series of "books" called ****** (I'm not
telling, it's a surprise. :-> :-> ) the other is being posted to the list,
it's called "Odd Circumstances." Yeah. I can send other stories, I'm not
even a teenager yet, and Monday is a holiday for me, so I have a lot of free
time. Oh, and when it's finished, can I get a copy? I'll send my address if
need be.


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