From: chance <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 20:28:27 -0700

>Ok, Matt! How about Every Friday Night at 9PM EST?

I could probably work that timeslot as well...that'd be 6PM Western...I should
make it home from work by then.

>What I would want on my SK shirt:
>Maybe t-bone from (t-bone3.gif?) with his thumb up looking like he's
>hitchhiking... (You know what I mean....) or maybe the 1st season logo
>with the Turbo Kat in VTOL mode (near the end of the 1st season theme
>when they fly in front of the logo.)

I kind of like the Butch Hartman poses of the guys from the "Toon" model
sheets - kind of the promotional "ta-da!" pose that looks good on a T. Failing
that, I've got some OUTSTANDING TB&R (unreleased) drawings from the
"style guide" thing, but I don't have access to a scanner - though I could
conceivably send copies to Matt if he want's to have a look. Hmmm...
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