Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 21:29:16 -0400 (EDT)

Recently, I've been trying to write down all my dreams as soon
as I wake up. A few nights ago, I had a dream that might be
interesting to you. Let's find out if I have ESP, shall we?
The text below is word-for-word what I wrote down at 4am:

Dreamt I was watching TV -- I think it was "Entertainment
Tonight" or something. A story came on about SK:TRS. They were
showing footage of a new episode -- it looked like it was an
outside scene with sandy, desert conditions & very bright (?).
I think I saw Dr. Sinian pointing at something. I couldn't make
out the dialog because the E.T. voice over was saying that this
cult favorite hit has been renewed by Turner Broadcasting. I
can't remember the reasons they gave -- just something about
re-evaluating its popularity to make the decision. E.T. then
went on the talk about the shows' huge following of fans. They
mentioned something about the online groups & how they'd been
following them (?). The video was still playing & I could see
"cuts" between scenes with Razor & T-Bone in the jet, etc. It
looked like they had a new opening sequence, I can't remeber
much about it. Then it cut back the the E.T. guy & he said that
SK:TRS airs on TCN at 5:30 Monday through Friday.

Now back to reality...
I think I meant that E.T. had been lurking around places like
this when I said "online groups & ...following them"

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