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First, the "General":

Clearly off-topic stuff like a recent post often just represents a single
lapse in judgement by one of the subscribers. No problem; the individual
just gets a polite note from me reminding them that this isn't what
people subscribed to the list for, and to please not do it again. If
others (other than admin-types) post followups to the list, we end up
with kind of a mushroom effect and have three or four off-topic posts
instead of the one - which the admin folks took care of anyway!

I guess those of us with TBS noted that the timeslot for the remainder of
the run has shifted back to 6:35 Eastern (the birds aren't even up where
I live when the Kats air - 4:35 am), so adjust your VCR's if you're
trying to catch the last eps. TCN's re-running of the original season is
a big puzzle - someone maybe would like to e-mail "toonnet_at_aol.com" and
ask them why (I can't because I'm on the Turnercom "hit-list" now,
because I asked pointed questions about the Kats from those guys, and it
got me "noticed" - but no reply).

Anyways..on with the story. (If you missed the first part, or the earlier
script premise for "Cold War", please e-mail for a copy. This was
written by Kats design/writer Lance Falk and Eric Clark, and would've
become an episode, but the Tremblay's already had an "underground" themed
ep <"Caverns of Horror"> for that season, and the powers that be
postponed this script until the non-existent third season).

ACT TWO (..and a half..)

...Feral insists on a chance to stop the techno-terrorist. Manx
reluctantly agrees.

     Kliban predicts Blackout's next target: the city's main power
station which powers Police Headquarters and City Hall. The Turbokat
arrives on the site in moments. Below, Feral and his squad endure the
heavy rain and stand guard around the station. As if cued by a dramatic
flash of lightning, Power station number two is yanked violently down!
(this is the first time we actually SEE this efffect, in all it's violent
glory) <<--editors note: these guys don't pull any punches about the
             "violence" aspect of bad-guy behaviour, huh?-->>

     The ground shatters, tall electrical towers are yanked free of their
moorings. Feral and his men have to jump free of one such tower as it
slams into a flooded area of the street. The standing water is
electrified and even causes a few parked enforcer vehicles to explode!

     This is more than the Swatkats can take! The hell with Kliban's
warnings! T-Bone points the jet toward the newly-formed pit and dives
into the abyss, full throttle! It's one hell of a ride, but T-Bone
manages to retain an iron-like control over the screaming, diving jet.
The TurboKat's control lights illuminate an amazing site far below. The
huge power station disappears beneath a pair of mammoth doors at the
bottom of the mile deep shaft. The doors close below, creating a smooth
landing platform (remember the false volcano lid in "You Only Live Twice").

     When the landing platform closes beneath them, it creates a
fortunate side-effect: the gravity beam shuts off. The Turbokat makes a
gently vertical landing on the metal floor of the shaft. A second door
slams shut above the landed jet, trapping it in the bottom of the mile
deep pit!

     Night-vision goggles reveal a staggeringly huge network of Carlsbad
type caverns. Razor suggest a little recon work. The boys launch in a
cyclotron missile, complete with sidecar. The cave path leads to a
high-tech metal corridor in the bowels of the cave.

     Suddenly, Blackout's automatic defences attack! T-Bone and Razor
split up (the sidecar can operate independently) and blast a path through
the gauntlet of lethal devices. (lots of cool stuff, whirring blades,
acid spray nozzles, laser beam-eyed flying squid-shaped robots, etc.
etc) The melee turns desperate as the cyclotron weapons are exhausted.

     A small cave-in seperates the two cats and the speeding T-Bone is
forced to crash into a metal wall. Under Blackout's direction, hovering
robot sentries grab the big unconscious SwatKats and take him away.


(The commercial would normally go here, but I'll talk instead. "You Only
Live Twice" was a sixties James Bond movie with Sean Connery that
involved a secret underground bad-guy base hidden in an expired Volcano.
Aerial reconnaissance was completely fooled by the appearance of the
outside, as what appeared to be a "lake" in the Volcano's crater was in
fact a set of large doors that retracted to allow the departure of
rockets from within. This is what Lance is referring to. For future
reference, the Kats interested Lance Falk due to their sci-fi angle and
gadgetry; not so much the monster battles. When you look at his stuff
<especially "Unlikely Alloys"> this becomes apparent when you notice
aspects of the story that you've seen somewhere before! Lance wrote two
episodes for STNG that weren't picked up before it was cancelled, and is
now doing art-direction on the sci-fi tinged "Animaniacs" eps for Warners).

 "Using my amazing powers of intellect, I've concluded that life was more fun
  when I was stupid...at least there were more TV shows to watch..."
                     "Monty" from the daily strip "Robotman"
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