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Just a small currection

Plastic is recycled, quite a lot of it is, the problem most of it is not
the consumer type but rather scrap or waste plastic left over from
manufactoring processes. For example several million pounds of waste
magnetic tape from 3M vido tape division is now recycled into the plastic
disks used for electic sanders. Most of the office sypply (trays tape
holders rullers) from 3M these days is made from or contains a large % or
recycled regrind. The chemistry to make plastic remelt and mix with
diffrent plastics is rapidly becomeing more well understood.
Black and Decker is also using some of this technology I'm sure others
are as well.

(I don't work for these companies, but my father who is chemical engineer
and develops this sort of recycling technology has consulted from these
and other companies)


On Fri, 4 Aug 1995 wrote:

> Ed Rudnicki wrote:
> >Matt Weber wrote:
> >>Hmmm.. I wonder what the Planeteers would say to Ted for polluting
> >>the world with useless plastic toys that no one will buy? <G>
> >I wonder if the CP figures have little "recycling" marks molded onto
> >their butts, for when they (inevitably) get chucked :)
> Ironically, the kind of plastic used in "action figures" isn't recyclable.
> And plastic recycling itself is a misnomer since plastic is never recycled,
> i.e., turned into what it was before. "Recycled" plastic has very limited
> uses and eventually winds up incinerated or in a landfill.
> Tsk, tsk. What _would_ the Planeteers have to say about that. :-)
> -Tim
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