You _could_ have bought...

From: Chance <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 11:58:35 -0700 (PDT)

...a whole whack of stuff. Here's the intended action figure lineup
(which at the time was set for "Playmates" instead of "Remco" if I
recall, before Col. Ted copied the sentiments of his namesake in my sig).

(Lance Falk's enthusiasm shows through in this stuff quite well...)


() Razor and T-Bone Action Figures with removable Glovatrix & Flight helmet.
() Callie Briggs with Beeping Signal Device.
() Commander Feral with Sidearm.
() Dr. Viper with Plantimals
() The Pastmaster with Tome of Time and Casket of the Ages.
() The Metallikats with an assortment of Multi-Weapon Arms.
() Madkat with a Bag of Assorted Tricks.
() Dark Kat with Creeplings.
() Megakat City Enforcer with Riot Gear.


() The Deluxe Turbokat! With Movable wings, Hover Jets and Landing Gear,
   Missile Launch Function (ed: hopefully of the "Atlanta Seeking" variety)
   and 4 realistic Electronic Sounds! Holds Razor and T-Bone Figures
   (sold separately).
() The Multi Leveled SwatKat Secret Hangar! With Turbokat Turntable and
   Launch Function! (Turbokat sold separately).
() The Cyclotron Missile/Motorcycle
() Enforcer Chopper
() Enforcer Sedan
() Dark Kat's Fear Ship
() The Metallikat's Metallikraft
() Enforcer Tank

(ed: of course, the Metallikat's "Metallikraft" was eventually changed to
 either "Hovertank" or "Metallikat Express" depending on the episode, and
 Dark Kat doesn't exactly have a "regular" mode of transport (the "Fear Ship"
 is actually the jet from "Wrath of Dark Kat", which he used both in the
 "present" part of the episode in addition to the "flashback"). )

I'm going to an Airshow tomorrow - biggest in Canada actaully. I'm
rather hoping I can convince one of the F-14 Turbokat (er.."Tomcat";
Freudean slip..) pilots to let me chalk on the side of one of the

        "To Turner: From Razor with Love!"

and photograph it to send to H-B/Turner. I may end up using one of the
drop tanks; they're a lot bigger, and to the average savage look just
like "bombs".

 "Listen son...I don't give a cahoots whether Rock'n'Roll _is_ changing the
  world. It means nothin' to me but dollars and cents..."
 --Elvis manager Col. Tom Parker, waving a wad of 100's at the idealistic.
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