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From: Chance <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 10:28:58 -0700

Here's another variation on the "fan-letter" response theme that
we talked about earlier (you know, the formletters that some of
us got and the sticker) pulled off the Kats newsgroup.

From: XXRJ13C_at_prodigy.com (Marsha Morman)
Newsgroups: alt.tv.swatkats
Subject: Re: "Kids love Swatkats..."
Date: 10 Aug 1995 16:32:21 GMT
Organization: Prodigy Services Company 1-800-PRODIGY

I wrote a letter to them about a year ago under the address they gave me,
with a story idea. I got this imformal note back from "Jake and Chance".
Ot pissed me off, so I wrote and complained. Wala! They immediately sent
me a sorry note (a tad personalized) and a free SK Turbokat keychain that
makes engine noises! So I wrote back, thanking them and told them about
my club on P*, and they were so impressed Davis Doi wrote back about 6
months later with his phone number and said to call! I called, but he
wasn't in so I left me number and he called back! IT WAS AWESOME!! I
think I'll call him soon about this little "TBC Cancellation" thing . . .

                                               Dr. Jake
(editor: although I think she means "TBS Cancellation", as last time I
 looked, "Time-Base Correctors" were still around and doing wonderfully)
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