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From: White Trash (SK) <"White>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 07:50:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, MATT WEBER wrote:

> Hello all!
> Just wondering if anyone has a phone number or address for Remco.
> I'd like to contact them and find out what locations & stores the
> toys have been sent to.
> Also, would anyone be interested in collaberating on a SWAT Kats
> ".wad" file for DOOM? I'm not really a programmer & don't know the
> in's & out's of setting up a ".wad" file; but I can do graphics &
> record sound effects. What would be the interest of people playing
> such a game? I know that someone did a _complete_ Star Trek:TNG
> episode for Doom, so this is something that is possible.
> This is what I envision:
> +The "Glove 'a tricks" is the weapon (with it's various modules)
> +The baddies are the obvious Creeplings, Dr. Viper, Dark Kat, etc..
> +The _real_ baddies would have to be Ted or guys in suits.
> +Background art would be MegaKat city, inside MK Tower, etc.
> +Sounds of "Bingo!", "Kat's Alive!", etc.
> +A midi sound file of the theme music.
I have the theme music in a 22kHz Mono .WAV file...
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