Bright and Shiny Future

From: Dr. Samuel Conway <>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 09:45:56 -0400

I just caught "A Bright and Shiny Future" for the first time; don't know how
I missed it.

This one was impressive! Feral with the big bald spot. Callie having aged
gracefully. Manx flirting with senility (er, moreso than usual). It kept
me appropriately glued to the screen, despite the fact I'd intended to go into
the lab early today.

Now, what struck me was the "Write and tell us what you think" bit at the
end. They're still running this, it seems. Is it just force of habit, or do
they really want to hear what we think? If so, I'll write another letter,
for goodness' sake! Or is it just a waste of toner cartridge? Is all hope
lost now that the Kats will ever be back in production?

I imagine, too, that an episode guide exists -- with this crew, surely someone
would have put one together. All right, where is it?

Samuel Conway, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Up Early on Sunday
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA
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