Re: Does the heart good......

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 20:11:10 EDT

>>in hopes of spotting a couple of things. But what I saw left me
>>speachless, they had marked all the Capt. Planet down to $2.50. I
>>nearly broke into tears ;-> I guess there is some justice in this
>>world. It didn't appear that a single figure had moved from the
>>peg in a week. Thank goodness that Ted is the only one that can
>>stand that garbage.
>Hmmm.. I wonder what the Planeteers would say to Ted for polluting
>the world with useless plastic toys that no one will buy? <G>

I wonder if the CP figures have little "recycling" marks molded onto
their butts, for when they (inevitably) get chucked :)

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