Re: New Kat Kommercial on TCN

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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 12:04:46 -0500

Dr. Konway wrote:
>It all seems so strange....Turner cancels the Kats, and then seems to bend
>over backwards to promote them on TV.

May be just different people putting together these spots. It's not
unusual for a company as big as Turner's to have parts that don't regularly
talk to each other. And most of the commercials on TCN are promotional
spots, anyway.

>I wonder if in that twisted little brain of his, he's using this as a
>publicity-thingy for some future "comeback".

I'd be happy if that were true, but I think it's highly doubtful.

>*I* don't get The Cartoon Network, although I wish I did. >:( My cable
>system carries it, but only offers it "in certain areas". Bastards.

My cable system carries it, and says it's "only" $1.95/month to get it
(along with Turner Classic Movies, the History Channel, ESPN2, and a
couple others). But when I called they said I had to have one of their
converter boxes which, of course, cost $2.95/month, plus another $1.00/month
for the remote. Granted, these "hidden charges" aren't all that much, but
they are more than double the advertised rate of $1.95/month. Furthermore,
I already have a cable-ready VCR and TV, and the last thing I need is
another damn box (which effectively defeats the capabilities of the TV and
VCR), especially when I'd gladly pay $1.95/month _just_ for TCN. It's no
wonder cable will soon go the way of the dinosaurs, especially once
digital/direct satellite TV gets going.

BTW, Dr. Konway, if your cable system is "red-lining" certain areas, they
may be in violation of the law. The only reason they can legally give you
for not offering service they offer in other areas is if there is some
kind of hardware incompatibility (e.g., one part of the city was wired up
differently from the other; such was the case in Minneapolis a few years
ago, though the cable company was found guilty of denying/delaying service
to poorer neighborhoods).

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