Re: Turner never ceases to amaze...

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 95 10:57:28 CDT

This has been a thought of mine for a while...
With the exception of Powder Puff Girls and Johnny Bravo,
WPT have completely sucked eggs!!! Yet he (they) continue to
dump money and make a big deal over a 5 to 7 minute cartoon every
Sun. which basically stinks. If they chose to use these as pilots then
it seems they're leaning towards George and Jr. as the next series, since
they are the only ones that have had more than one WPT.

Yeah, George and Jr. replacing SwatKats, thats fair. Plus the money they
(more than likely) dish out for these one shot toons probably equates
to close to one 30 min. episode (guessing of course).

Turner Inc. seems to constantly be looking for the next toon to destroy,
if not by cancelling the good ones. then by recutting and re-voicing them
(see G-Force vs. Battle of the Planets), and leaving the crap on the tube
(see Capt. Planet and 90% of whats on TCN). Maybe some evil sludge spill
monster from CP came along and polluted Teds brain???

Rant mode off,
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