Re: video skandel....

From: David Minter <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 03:41:48 -0500 (CDT)

> >usual spots last night, and even went WAY out of my way to hit a
> >blockbuster and Best-Buys, and got completely nothing on the
> >videos. Saw the new Poca Singalong, the new Tick video (2 very
> >cool episodes), tons of re-stocked MMPR, and even restocked CAPT
> >PLANETS!!!!! What the hell is the deal here, and asking a sales
> >person is a complete waste of time..."We get everything from
> Hmm.. Sounds familiar! <g> I'm going to check the Blockbuster
> Music store again and a Sun Coast video store. After those options,
> I'm at a loss.
> Maybe we need a geographical idea of where to find the videos. I'm
> in the SE lower MI area and have yet to find them. Where's your
> location Ian?

     Throwing in my two cents worth: the Blockbuster in my area does not
have the videos in the store for sale or rent, not even for fifty
cents... excuse me! Anyway, they said they could order them, though.
And, in the last issue of Nintendo Power, there was a two page preview on
the SK SNES G-A-M-E. Couldn't resist! :>
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