Re: Kat connectivity

From: Fernando Ramos <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 1995 05:24:06 -0400

FL> anyone who can't get, send (polite) mail to
FL> <> or <> or whatever passes fo
FL> tech support at your site, asking if you can get
FL> and maybe someone will respond.

There just HAPPENS to be a BBS locally that finally got newsgroups!
I already requested the SK's newgroup AND I posted that Pumadyne GIF
to their GIF area! :) heheh... that oughtta be a decent 1-2 punch
to see if I can FINALLY get newsgroup access to stuff like this.
BTW: I REALLY wanna thank Matt for doing that picture up! LOOKS GREAT!
And it ought to impress some of the folks on that BBS and hopefully
they'll ask me about it and possibly join in on the request for the
newgroup. :)
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