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On Jul 12, 6:37am, Chance wrote:
> Subject: Re: Times of the year
> On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, Mitch Botwin wrote:
> > Morning everyone,
> > I was watching the madkat episode this morning and I noticed at the end
> > of the episode that there is a calendar on the wall of the guys apartment
> > the month of July, with 2 1/2 weeks X'd out.
> >
> > It seems that all the episodes we see occur in the summer. Has anyone
> > seen any other dates or months in the various episodes. It would be
> > to create a timeline based on SwatKat dates and not dates of episode
> >
> > You get to see Lt. Steele's nameplate with the spelling used in this
> > episode.
> Heh! I was just about to write on the very subject concerning "Wrath
> of the Dark Kat". I watched it on Sunday night (from the new rental
> cassette) and noticed the very same calendar on the wall, and pausing it
> revealed that it was also July - July 9th to be exact. Guess what? That
> very Sunday I watched the ep _was_ "July 9th"!
> Every time the inside of Jake and Chance Garage is shown, the
> calendar reads July when it's in the shot, so I don't know how you'd do
> the "timeline". Um, speaking of "timeline", how did the Metallikats end
> up in the Enforcer evidence locker in "Katastrophe" when each time they
> meet their doom they're picked up by Prof. Hackle? Hmmm.

The Dark Kat episode was on the 9th, MadKat was in the 13th to 17th range. It
looks like the time line is starting to form. July is a hell of a time in
MegaKat city. The question is does the calendar change with each episode or is
it part of the static background. If we get the change, the time line forms.

The enforcers may of noticed and taken the heads away from him. After the
seccond time, I don't think I would keep giving them back to get rebuilt to
destroy the city. Seems kind of fruitless to keep giving Prof. Hackle the heads
only to have Mack and Molly reappear distroying another set of the city.

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