Comic/toy store disappointments....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 95 10:44:57 CDT

Another bad sign for the Kats.....

When to the local Toy/Comic store yesterday to see what there
was to see. Got to talking to the owner about the new and hot
stuff for the next couple of months. Typically what he does is
order a couple of cases of the hot stuff, and put his over inflated
prices on them a week before the bigger stores get them, its
great to see whats coming out before the K-Marts and WMs get them
in. Anyhow, he got going on the new Star Wars and Spider-Man
and X-everything, blah blah blah.....

I mentioned Swatkats are due out anytime now, and got the blankest
stare I believe I'd ever seen. Normally if this guy doesn't
know what you're talking about he'll at least play along and put
on a face for you. But he had no clue, not only about the figs.
but the show as well. I was stunned!! He said usually he'll
see a few things on the pre-order list he's never heard of before,
but has received NOTHING with the SK on it.

What going on with this is Tedco trying to prove the Kats are
losers before they even get a chance?? Maybe he's looking
for a big write-off this year to cover up Capt. Planet.

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