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From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 95 10:36:37 CDT

> The other thing you notice from the "Ghost Pilot" ep, is Mayor Manx
>comments that the "Blue Manx" was his 'great-grandfather'. Man, 'Kats
>must have _short_ lifespans, because Manx looks about 50-odd, his father
>would have to be at least 70, his grandfather 90 and his great
>grandfather 110 - which would make the 'Blue Manx' the oldest fighter
>pilot in living memory at the astonishing age of 60!

Beat me to the punch on this one, I noticed this too. A normal cat
lives in the 15-20 year range. Of course, if they live in cat years then every
one of ours is equavilent to 7 of theirs (I assume cat years=dog years) so the
average kats age at death would be in the 130-140 years old range.

One of the episodes I'd never seen before the marathon was "When Strikes Mutilator(?)".
Didn't particularly care for the episode, but it got me to wondering if the
Megakat Bay is an ocean bay or freshwater bay. Why would an individual want salt
water (sticking to human thinking here), its useless for drinking and basic functions
(I know they have converters that take the salt out of the water), and from
"Ghost Pilot" there would have been barnicles all over the plane if it had been at the
bottom of an ocean for 50 yrs. no matter how cold the water was.

Still wondering how they chose the 12 eps. they did for the marathon, they weren't
necessarily the "Best of.." and they definitely weren't shown in any order.

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