toy-R-Us...and marathon

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 95 10:08:30 CDT

Hit the local T-R-Us this weekend with hopes of them holdingto their original word
of both the Kat toys and ther new Star Wars stuff hitting their shelves the first part
of July (yeah, I know it was just the first day of July, but hey I'm anxious).
Unfortuantly, I struck out on both counts, as expected, and came home with only a couple
of ST:TNG fig. What is the latest "official" release date, anyone??

>From what I can tell from the commercial for the marathon, the Razor and T-Bone are
the action figures (I may be wrong). Macho Man also has some sort of punch gun that
he is holding in one of the promos. Is there more to the line of new toys than
just figures??
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