Re: Fridays on TBS

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 14:21:16 EDT

>> Well,you can still catch the SWAT Kats on 5:30am on Wednesday mornings on
>> Channell 11. (This is mainly for Ed who I know lives in the New York Area)
>> Right before Ronin Warriors, (shades of Robotech!)
> That's WPIX, New York, correct? I think that some of the
>independents airing the program will continue to do whatever they want -
>only TBS seems to have made changes that I know of.

Yep, WPIX NYC is channel 11. They've made some changes to the
morning lineup this week, like the aforementioned Ronin Warriors,
but the Kats are still on on Wednesdays at 0530. Interestingly it's
the same ep that TBS later shows on Sunday and formerly Friday.

> "...$%#!!_at_!!, does EVERYTHING have to occur at the speed of MTV?!"
> - George Lucas on the cancellation of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles",
> after hearing that viewers expected constant action, rather than a
> "gentle history lesson"

Yet another QUALITY program that never had a chance. And people
wonder why I watch the Big 3 networks so little :)


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