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Subject: CB is a Babe, off model or no
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     I just saw most of "Bright and Shiny Future". Man, this ep is cool
for a whole lot of reasons. The only drag is that Callie's character
model drifts _wayyyy_ off-model in the scene where she hugs both the guys
("So far, this is the only part of the future I like!"). Check out this
scene, and the frames after - even if you take into account she's been
living in a swamp for x-days/months/years, she still looks, well.."wrong".
Check out Razor's expression on the wing of the TurboKat as T-Bone gets
the big hug, then the very quick shot of T-Bone as Callie's attentions
turn to Razor - heh! I _really_ liked the sequence with "Pop" at the
newstand at the beginning, it kind of shows a bit of T-Bone's "wrong side
of the tracks" background - and perhaps a bit of why he became an
Enforcer (he also reminds me of someone I know with the persistent "don't
bend the pages, Razor!" comment). I also like the "Resistance Movement"
theme wherever it occurs in stories - and a further ep along that vein
would've been cool - like perhaps they have to break in somewhere without
much help from others and the TurboKat - just their own wits, and the
skills of their associates like Feral. Some great character-dev can
occur if the characters are outside of their normal environments (like
Feral without his command, the Mayor without legions of toadies, and the
'Kat-guys without the technology). Might make good fanfic.

     Animation-wise, there is an _incredible_ sequence with Razor running
against one of those famous anime-type "blurred" backgrounds; this is
some _serious_ artwork. There are also quite a few unusual camera angles
in this one, like the shot of Felina climbing the bridge from the lower
perspective, and the very low POV shot with Razor and T-Bone looking up
at the helicopter-thingy's searchlight from the swamp. Also, as far as
the animation for the robotic laser-platform things on the bridge scene -
look how they move - quite cool, and the bridge transforming into a
creature itself reminded me a lot of "Trypticon" off the Transformers series.

Show me more, Ted.

 "Sorry for staring..it's just that you looked so much like the Cheshire Cat
  for a minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to

 "Sorry for staring..it's just that you looked so much like the Cheshire Cat
  for a minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to

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